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Updated Lighting Solutions for Grade 2 Listed Building

Updated Lighting Solutions for Grade 2 Listed Building

Bringing Modern Lighting Efficiencies to Grade 2 Listed Building

Working to create a more energy efficient campus is key to NSCG (Newcastle and Stafford College Group) ethos and environmental goals. One element to support this goal is the design and installation of updated lighting solutions throughout the campus.

Due to the size of the college, and to limit disruptions to students and staff, this project has been undertaken in phased stages. Many areas have now been successfully upgraded by Gilks.

This next stage of the project led Gilks to Stafford College’s Tenterbanks Theatre. With Grade 2 listed status, the theatre came with some unique challenges.

Used by the college’s art students, the new lighting system needed to better illuminate the various spaces. It also needed to provide the important energy efficiencies, whilst aligning to the delicate needs of preserving the historical building aesthetics.

Building on Success: A History of Collaboration

Gilks have collaborated with NSCG on multiple projects, to upgrade lighting in the various building across the campus. The focus on improving the environments for the well-being of students and staff, whilst providing the college with significant energy savings. Designing to suit each different area, Gilks have installed good quality, modern LED lighting systems.

The Challenge: Modernising a Grade 2 Listed Building

The college requirements were:

    • Maintain the building’s original aesthetic by preserving the existing light fixtures.
    • Significantly improve the quality of light for students and staff using the building.
    • Install a more energy-efficient lighting system to reduce the college’s energy consumption.
    • Meet the goals of environmental impact, aligned to their carbon neutral goals.

Overcoming Obstacles: Expertise Meets Preservation

The project’s complexities that stemmed from the building status included several factors:

  • Grade 2 Listing: Strict regulations regarding alterations to the building’s structure necessitated meticulous planning to choose the most suitable high quality LED lights, that would support maintaining the original aesthetics.
  • High Ceilings: Accessing the existing fixtures required specialised equipment. Safety protocols to ensure worker safety while working at heights for therefore paramount.
  • Asbestos Potential: To gain access to areas of the roof and ceiling areas, before any work commenced, a thorough asbestos survey was conducted. This was to guarantee a safe working environment for all personnel.
Constraints faced when moving MEWP equipment, included narrow fenced public footpath and double door entrance with staircase.

Constraints faced when moving MEWP equipment, included narrow fenced public footpath and restricted double door entrance with staircase.

Maintaining Historic Aesthetic with Modern Benefits

Working in close collaboration with the college and understanding the requirements from the initial stage of the project, along with the experience of working within listed building, Gilks provided the solution that met NSCG’s criteria.

Modern, high quality LED retrofit lights were installed that seamlessly integrated within the existing light fixtures. This approach delivered the required results:

  • Enhanced Lighting: The new LED systems provided significantly improved light quality, creating a more conducive learning environment for the performing arts students.
  • Preserved Heritage: The historic character of the building remained intact, with the original fixtures maintaining their visual appeal.
  • Energy Efficiency: The LED lighting technology drastically reduced the college’s energy consumption in the building, contributing to their carbon neutral goals.

Another Success: A Continued Partnership

Gilks are proud to partner with educational institutions like NSCG and support them in reaching crucial sustainability targets. What seems like a simple light can have such an impact on energy efficiencies and costs.

With the education system under constant pressure to cut costs, this project serves as a testament to NSCG’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and responsible building practices to deliver on their environmental goals.

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