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The importance of choosing the correct lighting system

The importance of choosing the correct lighting system

The importance of choosing the correct lighting system

The beauty of lighting is the dramatic effect it has on a space. While it seems a simple element of a building, lighting has an immense impact on an area and the people within it. To ensure the correct lighting design system is created and installed, there are several aspects that should be considered, including:

  • What is the area to be used for?
  • Who will be using or working in the area and for how long?
  • Is there a need for different lighting across the area?
  • Is varying brightness needed in different areas?
  • What energy efficiency targets need to be met?

These are just a few aspects that need to be queried and understood, to understand how and what a space is to be used for, because lighting has a huge impact on how people respond and behave.

Evaluating the type of lighting, not just from an energy efficiency perspective but on how it can enhance the space for those working in the area, is a critical consideration.

By simply changing the hue and light intensity of light fittings can have an immense effect on how people feel and behave.


Lighting impacts productivity and creativity

Lighting can support productivity and improve people’s mood and wellbeing. Unfortunately, installing incorrect lighting can have negative effects on people, including headaches, worsening of sight, and becoming lethargic. Obviously, these outcomes are not beneficial for a productive or creative environment.

Gilks work within a variety of environments and choosing the correct lighting is a critical element to a project design, build and installation. Understanding what each space will be used for, and the objectives of the customer, will support the choice of lighting and design layout. This is a process that Gilks undertakes, to ensure the results meet the needs of the customer and the people who will be using the space.

From a new build, to refurbishment, we ensure the right lighting is chosen

Whether we are working on a refurbishment or new build, we will consider a host of facts to support our choice in design and use of lighting. It is important that the various aspects are considered, which include:

  • Layout and orientation of a building
  • Height of ceilings
  • Position (if any) of windows and natural light
  • How and what the different areas will be used for
  • Who will be using the spaces?
  • If a coloured lighting system would be beneficial
  • What energy efficiencies are needed to meet environment goals?

Creating the right environment, whether it is for an industrial building, an educational environment or care home housing, it is imperative that the correct lighting system is fitted to generate the appropriate conditions to support the people using it.

Gilks wealth of expertise and experience will ensure you get the right solution to suit your operational and people focus needs.

If you would like further information and assistance with your new build or refurbishment project, talk to our team of experts to support your next project.

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