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Redevelopment of SEN Liverpool Schools

Redevelopment of SEN Liverpool Schools

With many years’ experience, working in the Education sector, Gilks were awarded the electrical and mechanical engineering element by Seddon Construction for the redevelopment of two Liverpool SEN schools.

The investment by Liverpool council provides much needed school places to support children with special educational and disability needs. Each school undergoing the development have been closed for several years, so it involved an extensive update and refurbishment, but this will provide much needed additional teaching resources for the area.

The refurbishment of the two schools

To re-establish Palmerston and Millstead schools to their former condition; the initial project brief was to assess and carryout remedial and upgrade work.

Due to the necessary work required to meet todays’ standards, this project developed into a full strip out and design. A full redevelopment would create modern facilities, fostering an up-to-date teaching environment that equips staff and pupils with a safe and nurturing place to meet their needs now and for the future.

The project involved both electrical and mechanical:


Design development from Stage 3 to 5

Mechanical & Electrical Containment

As fitted drawings and project certification

  • Containment
  • LV distribution
  • General Power 400V & 230V
  • LED energy efficient lighting and controls
  • IT and audio-visual equipment wiring
  • External and internal CCTV and intruder alarm
  • Access control, staff panic alarm and PA system
  • Fire Alarm
  • Induction Loops
  • Induction loops
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • New toilet facilities-DDA and General
  • Domestic hot and cold water
  • Natural vent windcatchers
  • BMS -Controls and integration
  • Lightning Protection
  • EVC
  • External lighting



Palmerston School

To facilitate the needs of the teaching and pupils, this project was undertaken in four phases.

The initial phase was to refurbish the ‘pod’ to provide a functional teaching facility, which could be used whilst the various refurbishment stages were being undertaken and completed.

Works then extended into the existing main building which was split into phases 2 – 4.

We’re pleased to say Phase 2 was handed over in February, meeting the scheduled project criteria and hand-over dates. Phase 3 has recently commenced and Phase 4 is approaching the initial design process.

Each phase handover has had to be complete in their entirety, tested, and verified prior to the school’s occupation and use. These systems have then had to be further developed and integrated during the progressive continuation of the phased works without impacting on the running of the school’s day to day educational practices.

Gilks has and continues to meet these important critical phased sign-off for this project.

Admin area lobby beforeAdmin area lobby after
lean to phase 1 side of hall leading to phase 2 before phase 1 side of hall leading to phase 2 after
Plantroom before


Plantroom after


Millstead School

Millstead was to be undertaken in one phase. However, to enable this to happen, temporary classes were placed in the school grounds, to provide suitable teaching spaces. This enabled all contractors’ full access to the school, so the redevelopment and refurbished could be undertaken in one phase. This complete redevelopment is due to complete in May.

Supporting Liverpool children

These schools are already playing a huge part in supporting the special needs of local children and when the complete refurbishment is finished, they will be flagship facilities to help support and develop them, providing critical skills for their future.

Looking for an experienced partner to develop your facilities?

With over 60 years experience, Gilks has a wealth of skills and expertise working with the Education sector and can provide solutions to meet a variety of requirements, which include the unique requirements of this sector.

We work to cause minimal disruptions but deliver systems that will meet your full objectives, now and in the future.

If you need help designing and installing mechanical and electrical services for your commercial operations, whether that is warehouse facilitieseducational spacescare homes or manufacturing plant, speak to our team at Gilks.

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