Date: December 21, 2023 3:50 pm

Apprentices – Our Future Engineers

Apprentices – Our Future Engineers

Apprentices – Our Future Engineers 

With the on-going demand for engineers, including electrical and mechanical engineers, Gilks continue to invest in apprenticeships, to nurture the engineers of the future.

It’s then always satisfying when your apprentices finally complete their apprenticeship and become qualified electricians.


We are pleased therefore to say a huge ‘Well Done’ to two of our apprentices; Oliver and Louis who have both recently qualified.

Both Oliver and Louis have shown fantastic commitment and dedication. Qualifying as Electrical Engineers illustrates their years of hard work, dedication, and eagerness to learn, which saw them attend college as part of their apprenticeship. They are both now valued members of the Gilks team.

Throughout their apprenticeship, they demonstrated exceptional capabilities for the profession, consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to safety, which are all critical values to Gilks.

Their mentors praised their ability to grasp complex electrical concepts quickly and apply their knowledge effectively in practical settings. They are now poised to continue with Gilks, albeit taking slightly different paths in moving forward with us.

Moving Forward

Louis is working on-site across the range of industrial sectors Gilks supports, supporting various projects. He continues to expand and grow his project management skills and knowledge to further his commercial electrical career.

The last ten months Oliver has worked in the main office, working alongside the estimation and project engineering team. This has built his understanding and knowledge of tendering and managing projects. Oliver has really enjoyed this experience and has shown great aptitude. He will therefore continue training as part of the estimating team, to build his knowledge and expertise to become a Project Manager.

Gilks is proud to have supported the development of these talented individuals into skilled electricians. Their success reflects the company’s commitment to providing quality training and nurturing the growth of future professionals in the commercial electrical and mechanical engineering field.

The company wishes Oliver and Louis continued success in their new roles and we look forward to them both progressing with the continued growth and success of Gilks.

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