Date: November 1, 2023 9:05 am

National Engineering Day 2023

National Engineering Day 2023

We all benefit from the amazing accomplishment of engineering in our everyday lives. Unaware of what engineers do, the impact they have on our world today and in the future is why we need to take time to celebrate the importance of engineering.

Gilks is pleased to support National Engineering Day, to celebrate and build awareness of engineering, and the fantastic contributions and impact it has on all our lives.

What is National Engineering Day?

National Engineering Day is a UK-wide campaign that raises awareness to all those free-thinking minds that have and continue to solve every day and real-world problems through a combination of engineering skills.

It is a day to broaden everyone’s understanding of what engineering is, what engineers do and how they can inspire the next generation. Engineering crosses so many different disciplines it provides an exciting, interesting, and sometimes challenging but a rewarding career.

What Engineers Can Do

With the continued expertise of engineers, we can tackle the many challenges our societies are facing. The continuous development of the homes we live in, the building we work in and the method in which we power our manufacturing processes and vehicles we drive and the technology we use, are all thanks to the innovations of engineers.

Engineering contributes to so much that it is essential that we illustrate the range of career opportunities available to the younger generation.

Engineering Expertise

Gilks, as commercial electrical and mechanical engineers, are proud of the talent that make up our team. With our wealth of expertise, we continue to support the challenges of improving energy efficiencies to the homes we live in and the buildings we work in.

None of this would be possible, without the skills of engineers.

It is vital we showcase the fields of engineering and encourage the younger generation in being the innovators of the future, to support the constant development and improvements of our changing world.

Our Future Engineers

Through our apprentices we invest in the electrical and mechanical engineers of the future and ensure critical skills and experience are passed on.

Engineering is responsible for many things we all take for granted, which we would be lost without. It is imperative that we nurture young engineering talent, to enhance our future world.

We celebrate the great achievements and talent of all engineers. #NationalEngineeringDay

If you think you are keen to follow an electrical engineering career or looking to progress you career further, contact us now, or visit our website we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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