Project C2071 Muller Shrink wrap facility
Project Manager Paul Coogan
Client Hollingsworth Ellery Ltd

(Muller Milk and Ingredients Ltd)

Location Muller, Manchester ,M17 1TU
Duration 12 Weeks; completed September 2018


Area before installation

After Installation

Our brief was to design, supply and install the electrical services to the new Shrink Wrap facility.

The project incorporated the following Electrical Services within the scheme:

    • Identification /Isolation/Removal of redundant services.
    • General Power 400v, 230v, 110v
    • LV Distribution
    • Led Lighting
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Auto door supplies
    • Ventilation supplies
    • Conveyor Supplies
    • Containment
    • Testing and commissioning

SW Line 1

SW Line 2

Services in roof void

External Ventilation Units

230v & 110v Power Supplies

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