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Lighting That Transforms Spaces – Lecture Theatre to Harpurs Bistro

Lighting That Transforms Spaces – Lecture Theatre to Harpurs Bistro

From Lecture Theatre to Bistro

Here at Gilks, we don’t just install lighting systems, we transform spaces. Once again working with the Education sector, we had the pleasure of working with a Buxton & Leek catering college to transform a former lecture theatre into a bustling bistro.

Breathing new life into the space will provide students with a dynamic learning environment. The new facility will enable students to gain industry skills, and help them succeed in their future career.

Seddon Construction managed the project for Buxton and Leek College – part of University of Derby. Gilks was awarded the electrical and mechanical elements of the contract. When working with an older facility, you’re never quite sure what you will find once you start renovations. It can throw you unexpected challenges.

Transforming spaces

Like many projects we work on, the existing space was set in an older building. The existing lecture theatre obviously lacked the infrastructure to support a modern bistro, including outdated electrical systems that needed updating.

The lecture theatre was located within the main dome, of this spectacular building. To transform the space and meet the needs of a modern bistro, a complete re-design of the lighting system was required. Lighting would need to support the students working in the bistro, whilst in contrast the lighting needed to be warm, vibrant, and welcoming for the guests who would be dinning.

Meeting the challenge to create a modern bistro

Our team of skilled electricians and mechanical engineers rose to the challenge, delivering a comprehensive electrical and mechanical infrastructure that addressed every aspect to meet the requirements of this transformation.

Here’s a glimpse into the work we did

  • Electrical & Mechanical: We completely revamped the electrical system and bar appliances with energy efficient lighting. We also designed and implemented a robust ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation, to maintain the right environment for diners.
  • Illuminating the Culinary Experience: We installed a new energy efficient lighting scheme, balancing the existing bright task lighting in the kitchen with warm, inviting ambiance in the bistro area. This created the perfect atmosphere for both learning and socialising.
  • Keeping Safe: For security a CCTV system was installed for monitoring purposes, around the facility. A fire alarm system was also installed to meet regulatory requirements.
  • A Comfortable Environment: To maintain the required temperatures across the very different areas, a new heating and ventilation system was installed.

Providing Students with a Real-Life Environment

The transformed space is now an elegant, modern bistro, named Harpurs, working alongside the existing fully functionality industrial kitchen. The facility will provide an excellent facility for those wanting to develop their skills in the culinary and hospitality sector. The kitchen is equipped to provide the high-level of training, to a profession commercial standard.

Students will freshly prepare and cook foods, under the guidance of their tutors. This will be supported by the front-facing students who will be able to gain experience and develop their skills. They will work at the front end, serving customers and supporting the kitchen to deliver excellent customer service.

Transforming spaces fit for today’s needs and beyond

Whether you’re renovating or transforming an existing space, upgrading your business premises, or building a new distribution warehouse facility, Gilks can be your trusted partner.

With over 60 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the best electrical and mechanical design. We pride ourselves on our safe and high-quality installations to meet all your project needs.

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