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Challenges of Lighting Distribution Warehouses

Challenges of Lighting Distribution Warehouses

Considerations to Correctly Illuminate Warehouse and Distribution Facilities

Installing a lighting system in a newly built large distribution or warehouse might seem straightforward at first glance.

However, several challenges require consideration to ensure the chosen lighting system benefits both your employees and your business operations.

As you can imagine, lighting a large warehouse facility represents a significant cost for any business. Therefore, it’s crucial to design and  install a lighting system to meet all operational needs while maximising energy efficiency.

Installing modern energy efficient lighting, coupled with a managed lighting control system, can deliver up to 80% electrical energy savings for your business.

Lighting to suit the various spaces

To ensure the operations within a warehouse or distribution facility can be undertaken safely, there are several aspects that should be considered.

Facility layout: A large proportion of these facilities internally are essentially open plan. Operations consist of assembly lines, aisles with high-rise racking, storage areas and loading bays. In addition to this there are restrooms and generally some small office spaces, which need to be considered.

Individual space illumination: Warehouses and distribution facilities have varying lux requirements depending on the specific tasks performed within them. To optimise lighting, it’s crucial to choose a system specifically designed for the different activities in the space, while also considering the availability and impact of natural light.

Safe productivity: The correct lighting system will not only reduce energy consumption, but it will aid the safety of your workforce. A good lighting system will improve productivity and assist workers in undertaking their tasks. The internal layout of these facilities generally include high bay racking systems that need to be adequately luminated to enable workers to easily identify items within the storage bays and safely manoeuvre in and around the aisles.

Modern lighting provides energy efficiencies

Installing modern LED lighting will provide significant cost savings, of up to 80% and evokes a more productive and safer environment.

The inefficiencies of older lighting systems result in high energy usage. They also don’t omit the correct lux level or lighting tone. Older lighting systems don’t offer the capability of control, leading to the inability to switch off or dim individual lights, which hinders maximising energy efficiencies.

With a modern managed LED lighting system, you can directly control individual lights or a cluster of lights, providing you with complete illumination flexibility and the ability to mange your energy consumption.

A controlled lighting system provides a range of benefits providing you with complete lighting control and flexibility.

Installing a modern managed lighting system provides:

  • Energy efficient LED lighting, reducing your business costs.
  • The ability to individually set the lux level of light fittings across all areas.
  • Control of lighting: switching lights off automatically in areas infrequently used.
  • The ability to dim or switch off lights in areas not occupied: saving energy and money.
  • Automatic detection, to switch lights on when movement is detected.
    • These are fitted with a delay, to switch the lights off after a set time.
  • The ability to change colour to support productivity and well-being of your workforce.
  • The correct level of illumination, without the glare or flickering which many older lightings have.
  • Longer lifespan, with some providing up to 100,000 hours continued usage.
  • Lower maintenance; due to longer lifespan of light fittings.
  • Energy, time and cost savings for your business.
  • Reduce carbon footprint to work towards net zero emissions.

What lighting system is best for your warehouse facility?

Although all warehouses and distribution centers appear to be the same, each business will have individual operational needs. There will also be different external factors, which can also impact on lighting for both the internal and outside space.

At Gilks, we will design a system, considering all aspects to ensure we create the best lighting solutions for your business. Meeting your objectives, to provide the right lighting systems for you.

We will consider a variety of elements that include:

    • Operational processes inside the facility.
    • Layout of storage, racking, and aisles.
    • Operator access requirements.
    • Energy saving targets of your business.
    • Lux levels for specific areas.
    • Design and installation of managed lighting control systems.
    • Natural lighting throughout the building.
    • External access points and lighting requirements.
    • Emergency lighting, internal and external.

Gilks can undertake the initial Cat A fit out and the transition from the Cat A to Cat B fit out.

With ever-challenging pressure placed on businesses to reduce energy consumption. We will work with you to meet your energy targets, to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and design and install an electrical infrastructure that will suit your individual operational needs.

Contact our team if you need and want to improve your energy efficiencies resulting in a more productive environment for your workforce.

Did you know T5 and T8 fluorescent lighting is now banned in the UK, find out more here

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