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Developing our future electrical engineers

Developing our future electrical engineers

Investing in the next generation of electrical engineers through our apprenticeships

Unfortunately, the UK has lost a generation of engineering skills and experience, which is the result of various elements. It is why at Gilks we are committed to building the skills of our younger generation now, to benefit them and us in supporting the demands of the future.

We are pleased therefore to welcome our latest apprentices, Lewis and Calum, who joined recently, to begin their journey of becoming fully qualified Electrical Engineers.

Gilks have supported many apprentices over the years, but with the support of the group parent company The Ethikos Group, who are keen advocates of apprenticeships across the group, are growing their apprentice scheme to encourage and enable young enthusiastic electrical engineers to achieve a successful career.

Gilks apprenticeship supports each apprentice in attending college, where the academic and theory elements will be gained. The rest of their time will be spent working alongside Gilks qualified, highly skilled and experienced electrical and mechanical engineers.

Each apprentice is supported and mentored by team members and will work alongside them on site to acquire hands-on practical experience. This experience significantly develops the apprentice’s knowledge and skills.

With Gilks working in commercial and industrial settings, the need for the team to have the ability to review site issues and provide safe but practical solutions quickly and effectively is a crucial skill to have. Working alongside our team in these different scenarios, enables our apprentices to build those essential problem-solving skills.

Our projects range across several sectors, including Education, Health, Care Homes, Construction and Manufacturing. Due to the large variation of projects, our apprentices are exposed to a significant number of electrical installations.

Our apprentices move into their 4th week with Gilks

Now on their fourth week into their apprenticeships, both Lewis and Calum have been working alongside our different teams.

Lewis has already been on site at Alferton near Coventry. This is an industrial unit that Gilks had already completed a Cat A fit out for. This is the second phase of the project to complete the Cat B fit out, for this large distribution warehouse. The project includes the design and installation of energy efficient lighting to suit the operations of the distribution workflow, along with installation of the mains power that will also power the production line conveyors.

Gareth, Electrical Supervisor welcomes Lewis into the Gilks family.

Calum has been based at our Anglesey office, which manages our MOD contract and has been working on a range of projects there.

Callum and Jason Clark

Jason, Contract Manager welcomes Calum into the Gilks family.

However, before stepping on site, in addition to starting to gain their electrical skills, both Lewis and Calum have undergone our in-house health, safety and quality training. This has included Working at Heights and Asbestos Awareness. These are vital skills and knowledge they will need to enable them to be aware of dangers on site and how to work safely and responsibly across all the different sites Gilks projects are involved with.

This health and safety training will continue to be part of the apprentices training throughout their apprenticeship and beyond when they are qualified electrical engineers.

Andy Oliver, Managing Director added, “It’s always great to welcome new apprentices into Gilks. We truly believe the structure of an apprenticeship is an excellent path for young people to take. It provides the best of both worlds. Attending college gives them the theory and academic side, whilst gaining essential skills and experience from working alongside our amazing team of electrical and mechanical engineers. We also aim to bring them into our office to gain an understanding of what our highly skilled estimators do. This illustrates to our apprentices the range of opportunities for skilled engineers and what goes into gaining projects, before the on-site installation work actually begins.”

“We are pleased to see how both Lewis and Calum have integrated into our team and the enthusiasm they are showing. We wish you both all the best and look forward to seeing you progress at Gilks.”

At Gilks we strongly believe in the development of our employees and training is paramount to the continued growth of our business. The UK industry requires qualified and experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, to support the ever-changing needs of the various sectors we support.

Through apprenticeships we will continue to invest in young people. We will nurture and develop the essential engineering skills required to provide a career path for them, benefit the growth of Gilks and support the essential skills for our future economy.

Gilks continues to develop their apprenticeship to provide opportunities for the next generation of engineers.

Interested in joining Gilks or our apprenticeship scheme? Contact us to find out more here.

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