High Voltage

Gilks (Nantwich) Limited has many years of experience of providing high-voltage installation and maintenance to its clients, both in the Military sector and private Customer networks.
It is a legal requirement to ensure that high-voltage networks are serviced and maintained to a suitable standard.
We work closely with our Customers to reduce the time and money they spend on their power network responsibilities, whilst at all times, maintaining operational and safety requirements.
Gilks (Nantwich) Limited allows the network custodian to have access to technical support, advice and assistance from the initial Project conception and during its life cycle.


We offer a full range of installation solutions to our Customers – including::

  • High-voltage Transformers & switch-gear
  • Low-voltage distribution panels
  • Testing & commissioning
  • H.V. & L.V. cabling
  • Sub-station installations
  • H.V. & L.V. terminations
  • Earthing installations
  • Cable location


We offer a full range of bespoke options which are tailored to suit individual requirements, from one-off maintenance visits to multiple packages:

  • H.V. & L.V. SF6 vacuum and Oil-filled switch-gear maintenance
  • Oil sample testing
  • Earth testing
  • Pressure testing
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