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Our Environmental Management System is accredited to ISO 14001:2015 and by operating within the framework of this standard it enables us to comply with our statutory obligations and expectations.

We are committed to preventing pollution by complying with all applicable Environmental legislative requirements to which we subscribe to. We set targets for continual improvement, and monitor our targets throughout the year. Among our targets is the reduction of consumption of electricity, gas, paper & water.

The Company SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) team actively manages all aspects of our Environmental Management System and promotes an open and honest proactive culture amongst all Gilks employees.

ISO 14001 Gilks – Nantwich – Exp: 23-01-2027

ISO 14001 Gilks – Mona – Exp: 23-01-2027

Enviromental Policy Statement 2023


Gilks (Nantwich) Ltd recognise the need to conduct and develop our business without compromising the needs of future generations.

To enable us to attempt to achieve our sustainable objectives, we will:-

  • Endeavour to protect and improve the environment wherever we can.
  • Endeavour to minimise use of the earth’s natural and non-renewable resources throughout the company’s activities.
  • Minimise waste production where possible, by employing sustainable work practices, careful material specification and implementation of the Hierarchy of waste.
  • Develop staff training and raise staff awareness.
  • Encourage staff to embody the principles of Sustainable development into their day-to-day working activities including sustainable travel and use of energy-saving devices.
  • Responsible procurement of products and materials which in turn will support a sustainable approach through to our supply chain.
  • Develop innovative and cost effective solutions to meet clients’ aspirations for Sustainability by using leading edge industry knowledge and experience.
  • Work with clients, advisers and suppliers to develop new or alternative methods for reducing energy use throughout all aspects of both client and company business and promote the use of energy from renewable resources and energy-saving devices.

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