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Derby Bus Station Revamp

Derby Bus Station Revamp

Redeveloping Derby City Centre

With the commitment of Derby City Council to futureproof the city’s high street, a £15m investment was granted by the Government to redevelop two core areas for the city.

Part of this redevelopment included the city’s bus station.

The existing bus station was dated and relying on old systems. The new developed bus station provides a more welcoming, safer, and accessible gateway to the city. It was also a key objective, by Derby City Council, to create a more effective and sustainable facility and transport network.

Lighting to meet operational needs

Gilks won the electrical and mechanical installation for the redevelopment of Derby bus station. Working under the main contractor Seddon Construction, Gilks worked to the lighting design created that would significantly enhance the new bus station and deliver on the energy efficiencies that Derby City Council was keen to gain.

The current lighting system was, unfortunately, not providing the energy efficiencies that could be gained. The new lighting system design had chosen a high-quality LED lighting system that would offer improved energy consumption, providing the council with significant cost savings.

Choosing the right energy efficient lighting

New LED luminaries offer significant energy efficiencies, but it is important to understand that not all LEDs are the same. Invest in good quality LED luminaries, and you will achieve energy efficiencies, improve lux levels, prevent glare, and create a more naturally lit environment.

The lighting system installed was of a high-quality, to provide the benefits listed above and give longevity to support the councils needs now and in the future.

Lighting to suit the surroundings

The design of the current bus station included high and low ceiling areas. As specified in the design, lamps were installed that complemented the environment, ensuring the correct lux levels and creating a well-lit, safe space for the workforce and visitors.

The new lighting system significantly improved the overall areas. This was especially true for the external areas: the main corridor and waiting area, where a safer and brighter environment was created.

Unfortunately, vandalism is a factor that needed to be considered. All low-level lamps installed were anti-vandalism. These units will withstand impacts and have anti-tamper features to help protect against damage.

Meeting client objectives with minimum disruption

 A key challenge with this type of installation, which over the years the Gilks’ team has lots of experience with, is finding the right timeframe to undertake the electrical installation to cause minimal disruption.

To minimise disruption to passengers and the bus station operations, Gilks strategically planned work to occur during off-peak hours. This meant dedicating night shifts, typically from midnight to 6:00am.

Working alongside Seddon Construction, who were the main contractor managing the redevelopment work, Gilks competed the installation with minimal disruptions.

Lighting installation work included:

  • Installation of internal and external lighting system.
  • Installing vandalism proof luminaries.
  • Minimising disruption to day-to-day depot operations.
  • Minimising interruptions to the public utilising the facility.
  • Ensuring installation equipment was under weight limits, to ensure no damage to the existing tiled flooring.

Beyond the lighting installations

In addition to the installation of the lighting system, Gilks were also responsible for the installation of various ancillary items to provide modern facilities and safe facilities.

Part of the redevelopment was installing new modern toilet facilities and safety systems.

  • The existing fire alarm system altered, with the installation of above and below ceiling sensors.
    • This sensors were installed within the void of the ceiling, for safety purposes.
  • Refurbishment of toilet facilities, included:
    • Energy efficient hand dryers.
    • Modern sanitary, cubical and sinks.
    • Baby changing facilities.
    • Accessible toilet.
    • Tap and flush sensors to deliver water consumption savings!

Improving Derby City

Derby City Council are committed in creating a city that will meet the needs of its’ residents now and in the future. With the £15m investment, the city is being transformed. The bus station offers a fantastic facility to welcome residents and visitors to the city. Providing a more modern and safer environment for all who use it.

Gilks – we have the skills, expertise and experience

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With over 60 years of experience, Gilks are the ideal electrical and mechanical engineering partner to assist with your regeneration and refurbishment projects. Contact our team to discuss your project requirements further.

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