Date: March 2, 2023 4:54 pm

Congratulations Ben!

Congratulations Ben!
Apprentice of the Year Awards

Congratulations to our apprentice Ben for being nominated and receiving runner up prize from Rebus Training in there ‘Apprentice of the Year’ awards.

Gilks (Nantwich), where Ben works as an apprentice, is committed to developing the talented electrical engineers of tomorrow and are an advocate of apprenticeship. They work in partnership with Rebus Training who provide electrical courses in the domestic, industrial and commercial sector. Rebus Training support school leavers seeking electrical apprenticeships as well as those with electrical skills or qualifications who are looking to develop their skills and further progress their electrical engineering career.

Apprenticeship lasts for four years. In the first three years the course is a balance between theory and practical. This hands-on approach teamed with gaining knowledge about the profession is the key to the success of Rebus Training programmes. In the final year the student will put the theory skills into practice, as they are placed in ‘real-world’ onsite scenarios and assessed. This will illustrate if they have gained the correct knowledge, skills and expertise to be competent in the industry and qualify as an electrician.

With the continued shortage of electrical engineering skills, in the UK, Rebus Training continue to emphasize the benefits of following an electrical career path. Working as an electrician provides a diverse day-to-day work life, as you work in a variety of sectors, and it provides a secure and progressive career path.

Ben who is in his fourth year, has stood out as an exceptional apprentice. When nominating candidates, Rebus Training look as a range of skills and criteria, which include:

  • Progression – evidence that the student is progressing and keen to move forward.
  • Attendance – clarification that all sessions are being attended and on time.
  • Milestone targets – the student is hitting their required assessments and KPI’s.
  • Work ethic – have good work ethic and enthusiasm to learn.

The criteria are monitored and attributed by a range of lecturers, staff, management and course piers that the student is supported by and working with. Gilks nominated Ben for ‘Apprentice of the Year’ because of his commitment and on-site behaviour and skills that he had grown.

Ben was completely unaware of being nominated for the award of ‘Apprentice of the Year’, until he received the phone call from Rebus Training.

On receiving the award Ben said, “It was totally unexpected surprise sprung upon me and I’m really happy that the hard work I put into my job was being noticed by the right people. I am pleased with receiving the award of runner up, but I plan to get first prize next year! It seems like a good achievement, and I am very happy with myself”.

Ben was always keen, from a young age, to work in a ‘hands-on’ engineering environment, and supported by his parents to take the apprentice route. Ben added, “They were so pleased for me when I told them about the award”.

Andrew Oliver – MD of Gilks (Nantwich) Ltd says “It was an easy decision in my opinion, to nominate Ben. It had been mentioned by the management team on numerous occasions how they could clearly see he was an enthusiastic team player and always strived to carry out tasks to the best of his ability. Ben’s passion for his career is evident along with his willingness to learn and continue to develop. We hope that the award illustrates that his hard work has been acknowledged and Gilks appreciate and are impressed by his work ethic. Well done Ben”. 

Gilks (Nantwich) is passionate about nurturing and supporting the next generation of skilled electricians, to ensure critical skills aren’t lost and continue to have high-quality electricians for the future.


If you are keen to follow a rewarding and progressive career in electrical engineering, or join our Apprentice Scheme then contact us now, as we will be pleased to speak with you.

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