Date: March 3, 2023 4:52 pm

Celebrating World Engineering Day

Celebrating World Engineering Day

What do engineers do?

Let’s put it another way. What don’t they do. Take a look around you, anything that is man-made has needed an engineer to contribute to at some point. Engineers make initial concept ideas translate into workable solutions.

From the click of a torch to the flick of a light switch, their handiwork weaves through every facet of our existence. Yet, their contributions often fade into the background, silently powering our progress.

Engineering is all around us in our everyday lives, which we too often take for granted. We need to shine a spotlight on the vital contributions they make to our daily lives.

Engineers are vital for our future

Gilks support World Engineering Day, because we understand the need to celebrate the importance of engineering, across all its fields. It is vital that we enthuse the next generation about engineering and illustrate the broad range of career opportunities within the world of engineering.

With the challenges facing us all, on a global level, it is critical now more than ever that we grow talented engineers to develop what we do today, to support our needs in the future. It is with the support and expertise of engineers that we can tackle the challenges, which include building more sustainable buildings, and improving things for our growing populations and threats due to climate change.

Proud to nurture next generation engineers

At Gilks we understand the need to continue to develop the next generation of electrical engineers. We have a wealth of skills, experience and expertise that we need to impart onto the next generation. Continually supporting our younger generation through our apprenticeships, which includes providing them with the technical and practical problem solving experience, will grow and develop the expertise we require for the future.

Electrical engineering is the ‘switch’ for the buildings we work, live and gain our education in. Without the electrical engineering behind it, then the power and framework systems wouldn’t be available.

So, let’s celebrate engineers across every field of expertise, because they are vital to the development of everything we need, for a better future for the next generation.

If you are keen to follow a rewarding and progressive career in electrical engineering, or join our Apprentice Scheme then contact us now.

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