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Power Factor Correction Devices Saves your Business Money and Power
25th Apr, 2024 Blog
Avoid Paying for Unused Power: Benefit from Power Factor Correction Devices

Power Up Your Savings: How a Power Factor Correction Device Can Boost Your Energy Efficiency Ever feel like you’re...

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Gilks providing Electrical and Mechanical Services across NHS hospitals
4th Apr, 2024 Blog
Maintaining vital services that save lives everyday

Supporting the Smooth Running of Hospitals The crucial services every hospital provides relies on a host of amazing staff,...

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Louis is now a fully qualified electrician
4th Mar, 2024 Awards & Recognition
From Apprentice to Qualified Electrician

Gilks continues to invest in apprenticeships to nurture and grow talent, to ensure we have the much needed commercial...

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Damaging effects of fluorescent lighting
16th Feb, 2024 Blog
The Damaging Effects of Old Fluorescent Lighting

The Hidden Costs of Old Fluorescent Lights For commercial spaces, light is more than just illumination. It’s an investment...

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Fluorescent Lights banned in the UK
13th Feb, 2024 Blog
Banned T5 and T8 Fluorescent Lights – Are you ready for the change?

Brighter Future, Brighter Lights: The UK’s Ban on Using T5 and T8 Fluorescent Lights As of February 1st, 2024,...

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Bolton Market Refurbishment
30th Jan, 2024 Blog
Bolton Market –Rejuvenating a Hub of the Community

Revitalising a Community Hub We’re proud to be part of regeneration projects and Bolton Market is one of them....

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Prime Point - Staffordshire
23rd Jan, 2024 Blog
Putting the Power into Industrial Warehouse Facilities

Following the collaboration of Seddon Construction and Trebor Developments, two new warehouse / industrial facilities suitable for B1, B2...

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Lighting Distribution Warehouses Efficiently
6th Dec, 2023 Blog
Navigating the Challenges of Illuminating Distribution Warehouses

Designing a lighting system to meet the needs of a distribution warehouse in the UK Distribution warehouses play a...

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Lighting improvements at Harper Keele University
3rd Oct, 2023 Blog
Supporting the Education Sector

The challenges of reducing costs and improving energy efficiency is high on the agenda of the Educational sector. There...

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