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Powering Facilities for UK Business Growth

Powering Facilities for UK Business Growth

Design and Installation of Cat B fit out for Warehousing Facility

Following the successful installation and completion of the Cat A fit out, in January 2023, for this major UK industrial warehouse facility, we were pleased to win the second stage for the Cat B fit out.

This was a major Cat B fit out. The internal ground floor area being over 12K m2, including office space.

Pioneer Design & Build was the main contractor managing this project. Gilks, as an approved contractor, managed the design and installation of the complete electrical infrastructure for this facility.

Core project elements

Following the Cat A completion, the Cat B fit out is the design and installation of the facility to meet the individual layout and operational requirements of the new business owners.

Cat B is the more comprehensive level of fit out, which tailors the electrical infrastructure to suit the specific needs of the tenant or owner.

This project included:

      • New Main Switchboard & distribution boards.
      • Emergency site generator connection point plus mechanically interlocked alternative main bypass switch.
      • UPS & dedicated essential services distribution.
      • Extensive containment systems for present and future needs and ease of updates.
      • Specialised LED lighting to suit the different operational area requirements.
      • Fibre optic and Cat5e data cabling for computer and communication systems.
      • Daylight dimming and PIR automatic lighting controls to deliver maximum energy efficiency.
      • External lighting and security system
      • VESDA Aspiration system and fully addressable Fire Alarm system
      • Security, CCTV, Access Control and Disabled Refuge systems.
      • Power (400v and 230v) for general use, battery chargers, conveyor systems and product lift.
      • Mechanical Power and control cabling in coordination with system installers.

Designing the right lighting system

There are many challenges with correctly illuminating distribution centers and warehouse facilities. Understanding the complete operational requirements for each area is always critical. Unfortunately, operational needs are often overlooked, but this is to the detriment to the personnel who work within the facility.

If the lighting system doesn’t support the operations and workforce needs, it will impact on their well-being and the productivity and safety of the business.

In large warehousing areas, lighting needs to account for high ceilings, whilst effectively illuminating dark walkways and aisles between the racking and storage areas.

Office spaces need to have the correct lighting that doesn’t omit glare or over bright, which can cause migraines. Lighting needs to be stimulating.

This facility hosted several different areas, which each had varying needs and functions, including high bay racked storage, four mezzanine floors of shelving and storage, a conveyor production system, and goods out area.

Creating a productive and safe environment is vital.

We achieved this by carefully considering each operational area, to ensure effective, energy efficient lighting was installed to provide the correct illumination.

Utilising the appropriate lighting will enhance a space, and support the well-being of those working in the area. Having the correct lighting will also improve concentration and productivity.

Managing the project needs

Lighting such large facilities comes at substantial costs. To minimise costs, it is essential that every energy saving is reviewed and where possible incorporated in the project design and build.

Mains distribution and general power was installed to suit the conveyor system and product lift requirements. Throughout the facility modern energy efficient LED lighting was installed, to save money and reduce energy consumption for the business.

As part of the energy efficiency goals, and cost savings for the occupying business, a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning heat recovery system was installed, with Gilks responsible for the installation of the appropriate power cabling.

A suitable emergency lighting system was fitted, which would activate in the event of power failure or similar emergency.

Energy Efficient Flexible Controls

With such vast complex spaces, it is essential that the lighting system designed provides flexible control to maximise energy efficiencies.

Each space demanded varying requirements for lighting, to suit tasks and space usage, which needed to be agreed. Each space was set separately to meet the particular needs with regard to time duration of lighting and lux levels.

To achieve the individual lighting requirements, each LED light was fitted with a PIR Sensor to provide complete control.  This enables Lux levels to be reduced, as needed, to work alongside natural lighting, which will vary depending upon season, time of day and weather conditions.

External lighting systems

As with all large new warehousing facilities, the external areas need to be correctly lit, to provide a safe working environment and systems need to support security requirements.

Gilks designed and fitted a lighting system that provided sufficient lighting to support deliveries and personnel working and walking around the facility, including car park lighting, to provide a safe environment.

A successful project hand-over

It is pleasing to say that the Cat B fit out was delivered on time, meeting all the customer requirements and to the projects specification and legal standards and requirements.

Working as an approved contractor again to Pioneer Design & Build (the main contractor) we met all milestones throughout the project, over approx. 11 months. We look forward to working again with Pioneer on future projects.

If you need help designing and installing mechanical and electrical service for your commercial operations, speak to the team at Gilks.

We will deliver effective solutions that will meet your operating needs and energy-saving objectives, contact our team.

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