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Cat B Fit Out for Boughey Distribution Warehouse

Cat B Fit Out for Boughey Distribution Warehouse

To support their growth and provide the necessary logistics and space needed for their existing customers and new business acquisitions, Boughey Distribution acquired another warehouse facility in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

This new facility provides 332,000ft² of warehousing space for Boughey, one of the country’s leading logistics providers to the food industry, which adds to their existing sites based in Wardle, near Nantwich and Crewe.

With the facility already completed to Cat A fit out, Boughey Distribution awarded Gilks the Cat B electrical design and installation fit out.

Cat B fit out core project elements

At the Cat B stage, the electrical fit-out process adopts a comprehensive approach, meticulously designing the electrical infrastructure to precisely meet the specific needs of the facility’s function and operations.

In order to design an effective lighting system, Gilks will gain a thorough understanding of the facility’s day-to-day operations and building layout. This analysis is crucial to accommodating the diverse needs of the workforce, who will be working across various locations within the site, ranging from the warehouse to the general office space.

Boughey Distribution’s individual facility layout and operational requirements drove the design of the Cat B fit out. As is typical with such facilities, the challenge lies in lighting very large areas segmented by high-bay racking systems.

The goal is to install the right level of lighting to maintain operator safety and ease of working.

This Cat B electrical fit out project included:

    • New main switchboard and distribution board.
    • Energy efficient LED lighting: providing the correct lux level to all areas.
    • Sensor controlled lighting system, to provide lighting flexibility and control.
      • This offers exceptional benefits for warehousing and storage areas.
    • LED lighting to suit the general office areas.
    • Emergency facility generator hook-up.
    • Fork truck, battery charger points.
    • Daylight dimming and PIR automatic lighting controls to deliver maximum energy efficiency.
    • Fire Alarm installations.

The challenges with warehouse and distribution facilities lighting

To accommodate the necessary storage and operational process these warehouse distribution facilities have vast amounts of high-bay racking systems. For the personnel working in these environments, it is critical that lighting is bright enough to correctly illuminate the working areas, to ensure safe working conditions and provide the correct lighting to support productivity.

To illuminate these vast areas is a costly exercise. Cost and energy savings can be gained by installing an intelligent sensor-controlled luminaire system.

An intelligent sensor-controlled luminaire provides the ability to, where possible, switch lights off when areas aren’t in use or dim them, which is a huge benefit to the business.

Gilks installed Boughey’s new facility with an intelligent light system, gaining a flexible lighting solution to capitalise on the energy and cost savings it provides.

Ensuring safe working conditions, with energy efficiency

Lighting has enormous impact upon the way people feel and work. To support the well-being, safety and productivity of the Boughey facility, modern LED lighting was installed throughout. LED lighting omits a more natural light that isn’t too bright and doesn’t omit glare or flicker. This supports a productive working environment for operators.

Lighting warehouse areas effectively

The benefit of installing an intelligent lighting system is each LED or cluster of luminaries can be controlled to suit the space and tasks being undertaken.

Lighting can be programmed to be on for a set period of time, or at a specific lux level. Having this level of control ensures the various areas aren’t wasting energy lighting the spaces, unnecessarily. The system also enables different lux level settings to suit changing operations and considers the use of natural light. This level of lighting flexibility maximises energy efficiencies for the business.

It’s fantastic to see a local business expand, and we wish Boughey every success with their latest warehouse and distribution facility.

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