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Balancing Cat A Fit Out Whilst Safeguarding Conservation Area

Balancing Cat A Fit Out Whilst Safeguarding Conservation Area

Balancing Environmental and Industry Needs 

With a wealth of experience of undertaking electrical Cat A fit outs, Gilks remain a trusted partner for both Cat A and Cat B electrical fit outs and were pleased to once again be the approved contractor for Pioneer.  However, this particular project for a typical Cat A industrial warehouse fit out came with additional challenges.

Adjacent to the location of the new warehouse and distribution facilities is a conservation area. This area backed onto a local wildlife area, which is under strict local environmental constraints, which included light pollution.

The challenge was obviously not to cause any impact to the area during the installation, but importantly no pollution of light was permitted to impact this conservation area, when the new facility was in use.

Safeguarding local conservation area

A well-executed Cat A electrical fit out establishes the core electrical infrastructure for a warehouse facility. This forms the foundation for all future electrical needs, which for the lighting was extremely important on this project.

Always ready for a challenge, to ensure the safeguarding of this conservation area, Gilks set about understanding the exact requirements regarding the impact of any potential light pollution. Once understood, we assessed the alignment of natural light for the building and the best position for external lighting to be installed, and the number of hours required, at night, for the use of artificial lighting. Style and type of light fittings were also considered to meet the conditions of this application.

Using modern, high-quality LEDs, this initial lighting design and installation will guide and support the next stage (Cat B) fit out.

Reducing the Carbon Impact

To support staff and visitors, it has become a growing requirement for new build projects to install EV charging points. Part of this Cat A fit out required the installation of 4 EV charging points.

The Key Components of a Cat A Fit Out

In the context of electrical Cat A fit out for industrial warehouses, Cat A demands the basic level of fit out to be completed, to provide the essential infrastructure for the facility to operate correctly and safely. This includes:

  • Basic floor and ceiling structure
  • Main power distribution
  • Basic electrical infrastructure and lighting
  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings
  • Internal walls
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • External lighting and power facilities

In addition to this, this project came with some unique challenges regarding the environmental conservation regulations, to be adhered to.

Benefits of a Professional Cat A Electrical Fit-Out:

  • Correct Foundations: Understanding and adhering to all client and site requirements, such as conservation orders, will ensure the correct and best layout of systems and facilities installed.
  • Future-Proofing: A well-designed Cat A electrical system provides the flexibility to accommodate the future diverse tenant needs at the Cat B fit out.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Laying the groundwork during Cat A avoids costly electrical upgrades or changes later.
  • Safety and Compliance: Meeting all relevant electrical codes and regulations, along with environmental regulations, ensures a safe working environment.
  • Faster Occupancy: A streamlined Cat A electrical fit out allows for a quicker transition to Cat B and tenant occupancy.

Greenham Cat A Fit Out

This will provide a centrally located distribution warehouse facility, to meet the increasing demand within the UK for warehousing. With supply chains more fragile than ever before, due to wars, economic instability etc., there is a greater need to hold stocks across central distribution centers. This Cat A fit out will support this growing need.

Once a tenant is gained for these facilities the next stage, Cat B fit out can start, which will be designed to suit the individual operating needs of the specific clients’ operation.

Powering Up Efficiency: Cat A Electrical Fit-Out for Warehouses

Critical to all projects, we collaborated with other contractors to meet project expectations, particularly focusing on the environmental aspects for this project. Our goal was to ensure that the Cat A installation adhered to required legislation and industry standards, resulting in a seamless handover for our customer.

Need a Cat A or Cat B fit out for your industrial distribution warehouse facility?

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