Date: 17 May 2023

NSCG – Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group

Improving the environment and providing energy efficiencies.

The Problem

NSCG (Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group), is an outstanding college offering a host of academic and vocational qualifications to over 8,000 students. With their modern campus and facilities, NSCG continues to develop its campus to meet the needs of their students and staff, along with the ever-changing environmental factors, which they hold high and are committed to supporting.

A current challenge they were facing, as with many other UK organisations, was the increasing energy demands, in terms of both costs and efficiencies. With a campus the size of NSCG, the college boasts thousands of lights throughout its campuses and a more energy efficient system was needed. This would have an impact on their long-term costs, but also support their commitment to supporting environmentally sustainable solutions within their campus.

The Process

With a long-standing history and expertise of working with the Education sector, Gilks was approached and awarded the project of improving the lighting system to reduce costs, improve energy efficiencies and provide an improved working environment for students and staff.

The initial phase of the project was to review the current facilities and understand the needs of NSCG. There were several factors that needed to be considered with this project, which included:

  • Reduce energy consumption by an average of 60+% compared to previous fixtures and fluorescent/HID alternatives.
  • Minimise maintenance.
  • Integrate into the older architecture and conform to the interior design of new build areas.
  • Keep installation easy and cost-effective.
  • Retain Sensor control to maximise energy savings.
  • Improve light quality to help concentration, aid teaching, and generally create a comfortable and stimulating learning environment.
  • Adhere to CIBSE and British Standard design and safety guidelines.
  • Provide a warranty on works undertaken.
  • Remove and recycle all old lighting fixtures in accordance with WEEE legislation.

Gilks needed to provide lighting to suit the above criteria and manage the removal of the current fittings and installation of new lighting system.

The Solution

It was key that the lighting system fitted met the needs of NSCG now and moving forward. Gilks selected Dextra Lighting, energy efficient LED luminaries. This is a high-quality lighting product which has been specifically designed for educational environments. This lighting product provides good light quality output and are extremely energy efficient, which will deliver the desired lighting levels, energy and carbon savings. Using Dextra, we could demonstrate to NSCG the energy efficiencies, environmental impact and financial paybacks, they would achieve with this new system.

With the lighting system selected, Gilks developed a project plan of works with NSCG, to ensure the removal and installation process had minimal impact on the day-to-day activities of the college and their students and staff.

This involved Gilks working outside of the college’s working hours, significantly reducing any disruption.

The disposal of all old lighting and waste is managed by Gilks, as promised. Materials being collected and recycled under the approved Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) scheme.

This project is still on-going, however the current phase of this project (phase 2) is due to be completed by the end of May, on-time as agreed within the contract.

The Added Value

The installation of new lighting will have significant impacts for NSCG, which includes:

  • Energy consumption reduced by an average of 60+%
  • Maintenance reduced, which saves NSCG costs, resource and fewer disruptions around the campus.
  • A lighting system that is compatible with both the older architecture and newer interior areas.
  • Sensor control provided to maximise energy savings.
  • Vastly improved lighting system, providing excellent light quality.
  • Improved environment for students and staff, which will assist concentration and provide a more comfortable and stimulating environment.
  • A more sustainable energy efficient lighting system
  • Reduced costs, improved energy efficiencies and carbon savings.

Good lighting is proven to foster a more stimulating and welcoming environment. This will benefit students and staff alike, whilst meeting the overall objectives of NSCG, regarding energy and cost savings.

Gilks prides themselves on working with clients to understand their needs from the outset. By understanding objectives, Gilks can ensure the systems installed meet the growing needs of their clients. On such projects like this, which is often the case for Educational and Healthcare sector, Gilks will develop an installation programme that will cause minimal disruption, whilst meeting deadlines set and agreed.

From the Customer

Here’s what the customer had to say about us.

Carl Riding – Director of Estates and Sustainability spoke about the project.

“Gilks have been the College’s preferred supplier for contracted electrical works for several years and we have an excellent, long-standing relationship with the company.  When we were considering this significant project to upgrade existing halogen lighting for LED alternatives in our 28,000 sqm main building, Gilks were instrumental in providing advice and guidance on design, sustainability performance and return on investment.  The project will pay-back in less-than five years in terms of reduced energy usage, carbon emissions and ongoing maintenance costs. Gilks worked with us to specify appropriate fittings for different education settings, lux requirements and aesthetic luminaire considerations.”

“Their team have worked flexibly with us to devise a programme of fitting that works around core education hours and ensures full business continuity.  The feedback from students and staff has been hugely positive and the building feels much brighter with the associated positive impact on learning and behaviour.  It has been a pleasure to partner with Gilks on this project to reduce our carbon footprint and we look forward to expanding our electrical maintenance and sustainability programme to other buildings in the future.”

We are thrilled about the savings that NSCG will gain through this project and the improved environment the lighting will provide the students and staff. We look forward to the continued partnership as a preferred supplier to NSCG and supporting them further with their continued campus developments.

If your organisation needs to review their lighting and electrical systems to save costs and improve energy efficiencies, speak with Gilks now. We will discuss your requirements, design and install a system that will suit your future needs.

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