Date: 02 Aug 2023

Lighting Installation to Improve Car Park Environment

Improving the car parking environment for employees and visitors

The Challenge

This is a global company, who is a large employer with several manufacturing sites in the UK. The Fen End site has a large car park for their employees, which is used 24/7, by employees working various shift patterns across the site.

The current car park is not lit, which has raised safety concerns, especially in the winter season and during night shifts.

This area of the car park is approx. 18,000m2.

To meet with the customer’s environment and sustainability targets, all lighting needed to be energy efficient to meet current legislation and low emission.

The project needed to be delivered in a short time frame and carried out with minimal impact to employees’ use of the car park.

The Process

This was a consultant designed project secured under competitive tender.

There were several elements that Gilks needed to evaluate and consider, to create a response to the tender.

The issue of installing lights throughout the car park was the condition of the current car park concrete standing. Typically, with projects such as these, it is always uncertain if any groundworks would need to be carried out initially. It is necessary to gain this information, to understand if this would impact on where light fittings could be installed.

The location of power and bringing that into the car park area was also a consideration to investigate, to enable the lighting plan and design to be created.

Gilks needed to assess the area requiring lighting, to understand the position and number of lights needed. This enables the appropriate calculations to be done to confirm the illumination levels required.

The correct illumination will provide the appropriate intensity and direction of lighting across the car park. This will ensure all areas of the car park will be covered and lit correctly, for the safety of all personal using the car park

The Solution

Close co-ordination was established with the main contractor, to ensure the installation was delivered in the time frame required and without impacting on the employees using the car park.

To meet all the needs of this lighting installation, energy efficient Thorlux lighting columns and lanterns were fitted.

This type of light fitting offers exceptional efficiency, (providing up to 112 luminaire / circuit watt) and longevity (up to 100,000 hours).

These light fittings are extremely durable to the outside elements, designed so rainfall will drain off them. The design has heat dissipation fins incorporated, to provide natural air circulation to keep core components cool.

The lighting is suitable for ambient temperatures of up to 50degC.

Energy efficiency LED lights are fitted which also creates a more natural light.

The Added Value

The results of the new lighting installation created an improved environment. The car park was extremely well lit, providing a safer area for all personnel to use in all seasons and during night shift working.

The lighting system installed also met with the environment energy efficient targets set by the customer. Providing a cost effective solution to enhance the car parking area.

As with all projects choosing the correct lighting system is essential. Lighting has a significant impact to different spaces and environments, depending upon what and how the space is to be used. For more detail on lighting read more

If your organisation needs to review their lighting and electrical systems to save costs and improve energy efficiencies, speak with our experts and contact us now. We will discuss your requirements, design and install a system that will suit your future needs.

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