Date: 18 Jul 2023

Haymarket Car Park - Leicester

Haymarket car park - Leicester

Improving Leicester City Centre Car Parking

The Challenge

Haymarket Shopping Centre is a busy, bustling shopping mall in the centre of Leicester. Built in the early 70’s there was several reasons why the adjacent multi-storey car park needed an update and refurbishment.

An existing building, Haymarket House was to be a new Travelodge. This would be a complete renovation. To coincide with this development the supporting Haymarket multi-storey car park required vital repairs, updating and refurbishment.

Haymarket Car Park is used by those visiting the city centre for shopping, the theatre and would be utilised by Travelodge guest. It is a vital car park servicing Leicester city centre.

The multi-storey car park refurbishment included extensive structural repairs and revamping, which included painting, upgrading out-dated electrical and lighting systems, new lifts and improved CCTV system.

A key aspect of undertaking this city centre refurbishment project, was to ensure the car park remained open, in part, at all times. This was to enable residents and visitors the ability to easily access and park in the city centre to use the current facilities.

Like all local councils, improving energy usage and efficiencies was a core target, along with gaining cost savings where possible. A more efficient lighting system was a critical element to assist in reducing their energy costs.

The Process

Seddon Construction was the main contractor, who would manage all key stakeholders and approved contractors to undertake specific works within this project.

Gilks, as a long-standing and approved contractor to Seddon Construction were awarded the contract for the main distribution and lighting system design and installation.

On receiving the project brief, Gilks reviewed the site to understand the current layout and orientation of the car park. The current lighting system and position was reviewed and mapped. On understanding the needs of the new lighting system, Gilks recommended the lighting system to improve the current environment, generate energy efficiencies and provide cost savings.

It was also critical to understand the access to all levels for installation to be undertaken safely.

Typical to its age and this type of multi-storey car park the construction was concrete, which created a dim and dark environment.

The existing lighting system was old T8 fluorescent tube luminaires. These provide an unnatural form of lighting. The fluorescent light deteriorates over time, resulting in lower lighting levels. Fluorescents are highly inefficient when comparing with new technologies, which is a severe drain on energy resulting in increased costs and energy used.

Florescent lighting also works better at room temperature, making them a poor choice for an outdoor environment.

The T8 fluorescent tubes are also more prone to damage, which due to the environment was a cause for concern.

The Solution

Firstly, improving the reflectiveness of the interior surfaces would aid the lighting and natural feel of the environment. Seddon Construction arranged for all interior walls to be painted in a white reflective paint. This instantly improved the appearance and reflection of natural light.

To continue to improve the lighting of the multi-story car park, Gilks replaced all existing (T8 florescent) light fittings with LED lights.

LED lights are immensely more efficient and:

    • Provide a more natural light.
    • Uses less energy to create directional light.
    • Have lower maintenance costs.
    • Are suitable for outdoor installations.
    • Have a longer lifespan.
    • LEDs release zero UV emissions.
    • Provide energy costs savings.

With the risk of vandalism, the LED luminaires used were fitted with Polycarbonate flexible lenses, which would not shatter, but flex if knocked. This would improve their durability.

To support the new lighting system, the existing distribution boards needed to be replaced, as these were now obsolete and out-dated.

Complete new distribution boards were installed. This made for a safer electrical installation and significantly improved the environment.

There were severe access issues for this electrical installation project, due to the access at multi-levels. In addition to the unusual and restricted access, care was needed across glass and asbestos roofs. Gaining the correct equipment was essential to undertaking the installation safely and effectively.

The Added Value

The new lighting system installed created a greatly improved environment. Having the correct and updated lighting fitted enhanced all levels of the car park and provided a better lit area for people walking and parking their vehicles.

The installation of the upgraded lighting system and distribution boards ensured the electrics were fit for purpose, easily accessible for maintenance and adhered to all current legislations.

The finished lighting system provided a vastly improved, light and airy environment, creating a better experience for the residence and visitors using the car park to enjoy Leicester city centre.

As with all projects choosing the correct lighting system is essential. Lighting has a significant impact to different spaces and environments, depending upon what and how the space is to be used. For more detail on lighting read more

If your organisation needs to review their lighting and electrical systems to save costs and improve energy efficiencies, speak with our experts and contact us now. We will discuss your requirements, design and install a system that will suit your future needs.

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Haymarket Car Park - Leicester, before refurbishment

Before refurbishment

Haymarket Car Park - Leicester

After refurbishment and new lighting installed

Haymarket Car Park - Leicester,

Old, out-dated distribution boards

Haymarket Car Park - Leicester, new distribution boards

New up-graded distribution boards

Haymarket Car Park, Leicester - refurbishment

The difficult installation access








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