Date: March 7, 2023 2:05 pm

Brand-New Dewalt Drill Set for Ben Davis!

Brand-New Dewalt Drill Set for Ben Davis!
Brand-New Dewalt Drill Set for Ben Davis! 

On winning his recent award of runner up ‘Apprentice of the Year’ from Rebus Training. Gilks (Nantwich) apprentice Ben, was thrilled to received a Dewalt set from Rowley Elecrical, part of the Edmundson’s Group, who are a main supplier to Gilks.

Rowley Electrical presented the gift whilst Ben was working at NSCG College, upgrading their lighting, which was the college he used to study and graduated from.

“I am over the moon about the award and receiving the Dewalt set. It will definitely come in very handy. I do have a strong worth ethic and always aspire to do the best I can when undertaking my work for Gilks” said Ben.

Lewis, Ben’s supervisor at Gilks said “It was clear this award is well deserved by Ben as he always puts 100% effort into his work. His commitment is obvious. Such examples are during the bad bout of snow we had, he made it to work, when many others didn’t and is always on time to work, even when that means a 5.30am start!” 

Ben apprenticeship has been over four years, covering a range of skills. Within his first year the course focused on health & safety in the workplace, looking closely at safe isolation methods utilised in the electrical industry through theory and practical.

The second year moved toward more practical ‘on-site’ scenarios and how to approach them from a safe and professional perspective.

The third year was called ‘day in the bay’ which takes the student through various scenarios to ensure they become familiar with working with a variety of materials, including trunking, conduit, PVC tube and Copex (flexy tube).

Ben said “It feels all of my hard work and commitment is paying off and I’m really pleased to be part of the team at Gilks and hope I can continue to progress. I have my sights set on a supervisor role and perhaps one day managing director role at Gilks!”

Andrew Oliver – MD at Gilks (Nantwich) added, “Well done again Ben and keep up the hard work. Enjoy using your new drill set and we look forward to supporting you on your journey with Gilks.”

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