Date: February 6, 2024 2:01 pm

Apprenticeships – Giving You Skills For Life

Apprenticeships – Giving You Skills For Life

Apprenticeships – Change your career direction.

One of our current apprentices, Lewis, recently joined our apprentice programme from a slightly different route. He already had an engineering apprenticeship with an engineering company in Stoke-on-Trent. However, Lewis wanted to change his career path and become an electrician.

During his apprenticeship, he had already accumulated a range of skills and knowledge. This included approx. two years of fabrication and welding experience under his belt.

Lewis had also worked using a variety of tools and had the ability to fault find. He had experience of working at heights on mobile elevated platforms (MEWP), to undertake maintenance work along with working at the front-face of projects dealing with people.

His experience and knowledge to date, were all very transferable skills. This made it possible for Gilks to offer Lewis a placement and enable Lewis to continue his apprenticeship to become a qualified electrician.

Making that career change

Continuing at the Level 2 stage of his apprenticeship, Lewis needed to gain additional knowledge regarding electrical engineering aspects. This has been supported by attending Rebus college one day a week. Lewis is the first of our apprentices to undergo the Rebus approved training route.

Gaining commercial electrical experience

Alongside his college attendance, Lewis is gaining practical day-to-day skills and knowledge by working on projects on site. Working in real-life scenarios, will provide the much needed skills and experience to become a commercial electrician. Practical experience such as this supports the development of confidence and working in a team. It has also exposed Lewis to some of the industry sectors Gilks support.

Whilst working on-site, Lewis is shadowed and mentored by one of our qualified electricians. This has rapidly increased Lewis’s knowledge and skills, which has been quickly recognised by his managers, who have also praised him for his professional attitude, and work ethic.

On joining Gilks, Lewis said “I’m really enjoying working for Gilks. I have gained lots of experience working on several different sites that has involved undertaking a variety of tasks, which is adding to my skills.”

On track to qualify

With his determination and continued growth in his skills and knowledge, alongside the experience he is gaining, we know Lewis is on track to successfully complete his apprenticeship with flying colours.

We’re sure that the skills he has gained is also helping him with one of his favourite hobbies of building custom computers. Alongside this he also enjoys boxing, to keep him fit.

Congratulations Lewis on your progress to date. It’s great to have you on the team. We look forward to seeing you continue to develop and complete the apprenticeship with us and finally become the electrician you want to be.

Interested in a career as an electrician?

If you are interested in an apprenticeship with Gilks, or a career as an electrician or looking to move across to the commercial electrical engineering sector, then visit our apprenticeships page for more information.


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