Date: March 9, 2023 12:24 pm

A dedicated mindset whatever the challenge

A dedicated mindset whatever the challenge
A focus mindset whatever the challenge 

We know our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) Manager Harry Taylor, is a very focused individual and enjoys a challenge, which are fabulous attributes to hold for the role he has at Gilks. Outside of work, Harry enjoys keeping fit and setting himself a challenge.

Nonetheless, we were astonished when he returned to work this week only to tell us he had taken part in the GB Ultra 50 run. With a military background, Harry has always enjoyed pushing his body out of its comfort zone, but this event will be engrained in his mind for quite some time.

Hosted by the GB Ultra team the run includes 6 checkpoints along the route. The race is 50 miles in total and takes competitors through a diverse range of Cheshire scenery. Starting in Chester the route finishes at Ellesmere Port Sports Centre, with the last lap being on their outdoor running track. 

This is a long and gruelling challenge which tests physical and mental fitness and abilities to the limit.  

Speaking with Harry a few days after the event, as he took Monday off to recover (well-deserved we thought!), Harry explained, “I have not run at a decent standard for six years; therefore, I entered the GB Ultra’s 50 mile run as I strive to push myself and wanted a real challenge”.

To put some context to the challenge, the run was a distance from Sandycroft, on the outskirts of Chester to Manchester!

The course took competitors along some of Cheshire’s most beautiful natural scenery in the region. This well-marked ultra-marathon links trails along the North Cheshire Way and the Sandstone Trail taking in Delamere Forest, Helsby & Frodsham. The route was across a diverse terrain, from the flats of the Cheshire landscape to some sharp inclines including Helsby and Frodsham hills.

Harry says, “Running up hill really pushed my stamina and those hills have a seriously steep incline, by the time I was reaching the top of Frodsham Hill I was fast walking”.

If the ending couldn’t come soon enough after 10 hours of running, competitors then had to do a lap of Ellesmere Port Sports Centre’s running track before finally crossing the finish line. By this time, as you would imagine, runners are both physically and mentally exhausted. On arriving at the sports centre, Harry thought he’d finished, but was then told he needed to run a lap of the track!

“I was just so exhausted, and my mind was tired, you don’t realise how mentally draining a big run is on your brain. It was a huge push, when I was told to go around the sports track to get to the finish line. I obviously did conjure up enough energy and managed to perform a ‘dab’ move when I finished haha”.

Harry continued “Apart from being exhausted and aching the only injury I picked up along the way was a blister on my toe, so not bad after 10 hours 44 mins of running”.

Succeeding at this ultra-marathon must have ignited a flame in Harry as he’s already booked himself onto another event in Wales.

Congratulations Harry with your amazing achievement. We applaud your determination and stamina with completing this astonishing run and we all wish you the best of luck for your next challenge.  

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